Wedding videography and photography FAQ



How many cameras will there be?

We use two cameras as standard on all our videos to ensure a good range of coverage.

How do you record sound?

We use professional standard sound recording equipment to assure your vows and speeches are clear to hear with no unwanted distractions. We believe sound is just as important, if not more important than the visuals when it comes to filming your wedding day. In order to capture clear sound of your vows and speeches we use a combination of on-board microphones attached to our cameras and what is also known as lavaliere microphones connected to a small recording device. This can be placed discreetly in the groom’s pocket for the ceremony. As long as the bride, groom and marriage officiant are placed in close distance of one another, the mic placed on groom will pick up all dialogue. In some cases we may ask to mic up the marriage officiant also. We will use this same method when recording the speeches at your reception.

Will the filming get in the way of the wedding?

We will try to be as discreet as possible and hopefully you’ll forget we’re even there. In some cases we may provide a small amount of direction during the course of you day (in much the same way the photographer would). We do ask to for a small amount of time alone with the bride and groom after the ceremony if time is permitted, but mostly the nature of our films means we want you to behave naturally, so we can blend into the background and capture those special moments when you least expect it. To find out more read our recent blog post - should we book a wedding videographer

What areas do you cover and do you charge travel expenses?

We are based in Somerset, but are up for pretty much travelling anywhere! We will travel anywhere in the South West of England free of charge. Weddings outside of the South West may be subject to £100.00 charge and additional charges if any overnight stay is required. We are happy to film abroad, subject to additional charges, please contact us for a quotation. Any additional travel costs will be confirmed at the time of booking.

Are you insured?

We are fully insured and have £5million public liability insurance.  

Do you charge a deposit for making a booking?

Yes. To secure your booking for our services and save the date, we ask for a £500.00 non-refundable deposit for all of our wedding film & photo collections. The deposit is paid when the contract is signed, with the remaining balance to be paid 4 week prior to your big day.

How will you the wedding cinematographers be dressed on the weeding day?

We dress smart as standard to assure we blend in with you wedding guests so that our presence is as non-intrusive as possible.

Do you use contracts?

Yes. It is standard practice for professional wedding videography companies to ask clients to sign contracts. This is to protect both parties and clarify exactly what is expected from the clients and what Storybox Films will provide. The contract allows us to be will prepared so that every wedding film is produced smoothly and professionally as possible. Feel free to contact us and we’ll send you a copy of our terms and conditions.

How long until I receive my wedding video?

All our films are different and take different amounts of time to produce. We would only deliver a wedding video if we are 100% happy with it, which takes around 4-6 months on average, but in most cases can be much sooner.

Can I choose the music for my wedding film?

Unfortunately not. Due to copyright licensing we do not allow our clients to choose the music for the video. You are hiring us to create a creative narrative film that represents your wedding day after all. Our choice in music plays an integral role in your film; it allows us to set a particular mood and pace of your film. If you remember any movie you have watched recently, the soundtrack rarely dictates the narrative, but rather is there to support it. From a logistics perspective, we license all of our music properly, whilst other companies that say you can have whatever songs you wish, they are probably not following the law. In the early stages of your booking we will ask in your consultation what music has a deep meaning for the two of you, and will take this into serious consideration when selecting the soundtrack for your film.

We’d like to get our wedding filmed, but the price seems so expensive. Why is this?

That question pretty much needs it’s own article, but keep in mind, the hours and cost involved with: Administration, enquiries, marketing, gear (cameras, tripods, audio recording equipment, lighting, and a bunch of special tools to help us get some epic shots), gear maintenance, transport, meeting with clients, organising schedules, preparation (charging batteries, cleaning lenses, clearing cards), filming, editing (downloading footage, watching through, cutting down, choosing music, story-telling, colour-grading, touching up, exporting, uploading). Keeping in mind that typically around 30-40 hours will go into editing your wedding film! Wedding videography is a huge, detailed, and time-consuming process. If we didn’t charge what we did, the product would suffer.

Can we meet before hand to discuss details?

We insist that we meet before booking to assure that both parties are on the same page so to speak. We want to make sure we answer any questions you are curios about, that you are fully confident in our ability to make your wedding film as special it can be and more importantly, so we can find out a little bit about yourselves. We don’t want to be a stranger to you, we want to assure you are as comfortable as can be around us, after all we will be part of your special day!Why are your cinematic feature wedding films no more than 15 minutes long when you will be at our wedding for 10 hours?

Our main goal as wedding cinematographers is to make you a wedding film that everyone can watch and find engaging and entertaining. The days of the long form wedding videography that last 2-3 hours are over. Very, very few people want to sit down and watch something that drags out for that long. Young stylish new couples want there wedding film to share similarities and conventions that are commonly seen in movies. We primarily shoot for our 'cinematic short wedding film’, as well as including your full ceremony and speeches. 

What is a ’Short Form Wedding Film'?

Although there is no official standard, the generally accepted rule of thumb for a short form is between 5-20 minutes in length. The first thing you will probably notice when viewing a short form wedding video is that events don’t always occur in chronological order. That’s not to say, however, that it doesn’t flow. In fact most times it can have a very concise flow. The reason being is that couples trust our creative instincts, which in turn allows us to tell a more compelling story by shifting around certain moments. This is known as“time-shifting.” The ultimate goal of the short form film is to harness the overall emotion of the day, and to tell a story that’s engaging, fun, and honest.

Can we cancel at any time? 

Cancellations must be made in writing and we will retain your £400 booking fee unless we find a replacement booking for your date. If you cancel 12 weeks before your wedding, the full payment is due. We strongly recommend you take out wedding insurance to cover any loss you could incur for cancelling or postponing your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances. 

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us by clicking here where you will find our contact details and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.