We believe in simplicity when it comes to capturing your wedding day. We operate in a discreet manner with most guests unaware we are even present. Our cameras are small, they don’t look like they’ve just came off a film set.

The art of creating an emotional engaging wedding video comes down to the basics. The first being composition, the second being natural light and finally the third, and possibly the most important of all... Having the eye to capture those little moments that speak a thousand words. It comes down anticipating these moments, because after all we only have one shot, one opportunity to create something special and everlasting. 

We very much prioritise the storytelling factor of our wedding video and believe that capturing all those little moments and details which represent the uniqueness of your wedding day is essential. We are against creating generic wedding videos and our goal is to strive to create strong visually-led stories, creating powerful synergies between story content, visual rhythm and music.

If you feel we're a good match and trust our creative instincts than let's create something special and everlasting together.

The greatest art in the world is the art of storytelling.
— Cecil B. DeMille, Director, Editor & Producer