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Somerset Wedding Videographer at the idyllic Almonry Barn

Sonu + Akbar

This will be the first blog post of many and we're kicking off with Sonu and Akbar’s wedding we filmed back in September 2015 at the idyllic Almonry Barn situated in the beautiful countryside of Somerset. 

I have to say both Kylie and myself are two very lucky people because we get the opportunity to meet and film lovely people all the time, and Sonu and Akbar are right up there in the lovely people ranks! All weddings are emotional, but this one, in particular, stood out from the rest and struck a cord with both of us. 

First of all, it was barn wedding and we LOVE barn weddings! But the main reason why this wedding was so memorable to both of us was down to the heart-warming speeches and vows. When we're told that the couple will be reading their own vows at the wedding ceremony it instantly puts a big smile on our face. Reading your own vows quite simply means one thing, and that’s emotion, bags of it! And this is great for a wedding videographer and photographer! It's what we’re in constant search for at every wedding we are lucky enough to be part of. 


Unfortunately, we find not as many couples choose to read their own vows these days, which is a real shame because we both believe it adds so much to the wedding day and to your wedding film if you do choose to have a wedding videographer. You can guarantee if couples are reading their own vows you best get the tissues ready because tears are bound to be in full flow. We are no exception either, especially at Sonu and Akbar’s wedding. We are both self-confessed weepers. 

I personally always find myself looking forward to speeches at every wedding we film. It allows us the opportunity to find out so much about the couple, the lives they lead and the plans they have for their future together. Or maybe it's because we’re nosy? I’m not sure. But whatever the reason why, I believe it helps us greatly when it comes to carefully editing together the clients wedding film because we have that insight, that window into their lives which allows us to focus our creativity on certain areas in the film. It allows us to tell a story, not only of the day but a story of them, their hopes and ambitions. 

Before I get too deep we’ll swiftly move on. Speeches can come in all shapes and sizes. Public speaking is one of my worst fears! So I have full respect for anyone that can stand up in front of a room full of people and give a speech. It’s fair to say some speeches are better than others and you have to expect that when you’re a wedding videographer and filming speeches. In Sonu and Akbar’s wedding, the speeches were perfection. I remember being in the barn filming them at the time and I knew I had something special on my hands, I knew I had more than enough content to tell the story of Sonu and Akbar. 


For a wedding photographer, the words being spoken in both the speeches and ceremony is probably not as important as it is for a wedding videographer. Obviously the photographer wants to capture emotion, laughter and tears, but after all, they’re only capturing still images and not recording sound like we are. For us, the words being spoken are vital to the final wedding film. I believe that some people hold back when giving speeches because they may be worried about bringing themselves to tears and messing up the whole speech. So instead they play it on the cautious side, they keep it short and sweet and don’t truly open up to a room full of their family and friends. This is understandable don’t get me wrong! Public speaking isn’t easy! However, when the person giving the speech does open up and allow the room full of people in, something truly special happens and that’s what both Kylie and myself were lucky enough to witness at Sonu and Akbar’s wedding. 

It was an honour to be a part of Sonu and Akbar’s wedding day. Quite simply this is why we do what we do. So thank you. 

Sonu & Akbar Wedding Videography Review

Just seen our short film! That could be the most beautiful work of art/short film that I have seen in a very long time. Very Poignant. Perfectly edited pieces of work. speeches blending over the ends and beginning of each clip creating a very smooth transition from shot to shot. Silences in the correct places with a backdrop of ' Una Mattina' by Ludovico Einaudi...I won't deny.. this film had me choking up. Trying to hold back my emotions. A beautiful piece of work. Not just photographically. But excellent storytelling, perfectly edited to keep a steady momentum provoking emotion. We love it!

Wedding Suppliers

Wedding Venue // Almonry Barn

Wedding Videographer & Cinematographer // Storybox Films

Wedding Photographer // Rosie Anderson Photograhy

Entertainment Company // HYBRD Entertainment

Wedding Location // Almonry Barn, Muchelney, Langport, Somerset, TA10 0DQ [Directions Here]

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